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A Gamified Web3 Security Auditing Platform - Creating a Reliable Narrative for the Web3 Security Ecosystem.

Revolutionize the landscape of web3 security, ushering in a new era of financial stability and growing support for web3 enthusiasts.


    Cicada is the budget-friendly, smart choice for web3 projects. the beacon of Hope. No longer will your project be vulnerable to cyber threats. Safeguard your project with the Cicada System today.

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    Join the Action! Cicada offers a seamless path to profits with elite smart contract detectives. Back up your favorite detective and earn as they conquer challenges. No skills needed—just your support! Experience the thrill of the possibilities!

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    Heroes on Duty! — Ready To Protect Web3 Projects 24/7

    Conquer challenges around the clock and seize every moment to earn rewards. Face nonstop challenges as you rise to protect the digital realm!

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In 2024 alone, over $1.3 billion was lost to web3 exploits. Malicious actors are running rampant, exploiting vulnerabilities and embezzling billions of dollars in digital assets.

We are constantly deploying web3 special detectives to combat these vulnerabilities and secure the future of the ecosystem.

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