Just a Different Experience!

Forge Your Legacy in the Cybernetic Battlefield. Fight alongside the World's Fearless Triple A Security Agency to Protect the Web3 Ecosystem.

Creating seamless collaboration among Detectives (Auditors), Projects, and the Troopers (Community) to secure the Web3 space has never been more attainable.


In an ecosystem plagued by digital threats, Defendathon emerges as the ultimate protector.

With its innovative approach, it provides vital financial support to projects, ensuring their defenses are fortified.

Through invitational challenges and tireless auditing to expose vulnerabilities, As the battles rage on, trust is forged, and security becomes not just a dream, but a reality worth fighting for.


A dynamic Social Network where Web3 projects meet Triple-A detectives to save the Web3 Ecosystem

In the Web3 Ecosystem where digital assets are under attack, here comes a dynamic social network called AuditX, a revolutionary platform where project owners connect with brave and fearless detectives to defend the Web3 realm against digital perils.

Cicada's innovative platform integrates features like "The Keeper" escrow system, empowering Web3 projects and our top-tier detectives.

Both project owners and our special detectives will enjoy

Fair pricing

Fast messaging

Escrow protection

With The Keeper standing guard against fraud, securing funds until audit completion, trust blossoms between detectives and project owners, forging a sustainable narrative for Web3 security.


Enter the AuditBee Arena: Conquer Challenges and Win Rewards!

Step into AuditBee’s thrilling battleground, where Cicada Detective (auditors) and the community called “Troopers” unite in a competitive yet collaborative quest for excellence.

This innovative feature introduces a gamified funding model, empowering the Troopers to sponsor preferred auditors in thrilling competitions.

Choose your champion, sponsor them in contests and CTFs, sharing in the spoils of victory.

Only Detectives with proven track records from Cicada’s Auditing Battle can participate, ensuring excellence prevails.

Join forces with AuditBee and thrive in the web3 world!

Security Drill

Strengthen Your Project’s Defense

a proactive service to fortify your project’s web3 security standard. We study your project and build a customized infrastructure for your team. We simulte real-wolrld exploits, allowing you to analyze and increase your team’s response.

How will your team response for a severe vulnerability report?

How effective is your Incident response, incase of an exploit happen?

How will you communicate the community?